I work in a variety of media, but common threads continually emerge: order vs chaos, motherhood and my ambivalence towards it, and relationships – the relationships depicted in the art, the relationships of elements contained within the art, the viewer’s relationship to the art. By looking at slides of my work, I realized that I’m a collector, but more in a magpie sort of way than a stamp collector way. I’m always holding on to little odds and ends and obsessively ordering them, but not quite. That tension between organization and chaotic mess permeates through my life, my practice, my teaching. It is the space where fights are created, problems are solved, and art is made.

Below are links to some ongoing projects.

Relationship Sketches

Shrine to the Undeveloped Child

Portraits of Addiction


2 Responses to Portfolio

  1. Patty P. says:

    I’m riding to Nantucket with your mom. She shared your art. It’s beautiful. Thank you. Patty P.

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